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The projects reflected here are from 13 years as a one-stop design shop for Horton Emergency Vehicles as well as a few side projects.

My design foundation formed working on newspapers and grew while producing sales materials for Longaberger. It all came together with the addition of web design at Horton.

one-stop marketing

Building clean HTML5/CSS3, specializing in responsive layouts.

link to the fincaChocolate website A start-up bar smith, this business site features responsive design and clean code.
link to the Davis-Shai House website A custom WordPress template site. Created site design as well as the header logo.
link to the JJ Rods website Design based on an outdated PHP site. Updated to Wordpress.
link to the Lancaster After School website Custom design Wordpress that allows each site director to post updates.
link to the Matesich Distributing website Matesich needed a site to display thier extensive list of products. I started with my lean startup WordPress template to create a custom look.
link to Smart Services Inc. website A new site using my lean WordPress Template to bring the company's engineering prowess to the web.
link to new Granville Township website This is a redesign of the www.granvilletownship.org website. The theme was modified to eliminate unnecessary image files in buttons and backgrounds.
link to Valley View Pool website Site supports a coorperative that manages a pool. Responsible all aspects of site.
link to HTML5 game Rainy Day Based on the classic Space Invaders game, Rainy Day uses HTML5/CSS3, Canvas and JavaScript.
link to the Licking County Developmental Disabilities Site This wordpress site allowed the site owners to enter most of their content. The template was updated to cut unneeded image files and improve responsiveness.
link to Granville Veterinary Clinic site These two sites were brought over from Joomla 1.5 to the current version. The designs, based on the original site templates, were adapted from the basic Joomla responsive template.
link to Star Jewel Pageants Created using Square Space, a Content Management System that limits how much can be changed. Working within those constraints, created a functional site.
link to old Horton Direct site Built in late 2011 to serve Horton's direct sales force. Features HTML5/CSS3. Responsible for design, text, photography, logos, design, coding and illustration (background diamond plate). This site was taken down shortly after I left Horton.

Web Design

Product photography. Click on a thumbnail to see the full image.

Thumbnail of Concept 3 cabinet wall

This Concept 3 interior is used in literature and web advertising. An "entry-level" Horton, work on the Concept 3 included logo development, help in the development of the system control panel and product photography.

The interior of Horton's Concept 3 Model x
Thumbnail of a Horton 623 on a TerraStar chassis

Horton received one of the first TerraStar chassis from International to build the model 623 demo pictured above. This image was used in advertising and in a flyer.

Photo of an ambualnce, passenger side, 3/4 front. x
Thumbnail of Finca Chocolate's 70% cacao bar

Fine chocolate and the ingredients used to make it. Shot for www.fincaChocolate.com.

Finca Chocolate and the ingredients used to make it x
Thumbnail of Horton custom interior

This Horton was configured to monitor oil wells and features a server and workstations.

Photo of the interior of a rolling office for a oil well drilling company. x


Print work for me began with newspaper layout and design on what became the Mac Classic. That's right -- a broadsheet publication laid out on a nine inch screen!

HOPS brochure thumbnail

This piece introduced a new technology to protect safety personel working in the back of an ambulance. Responsible for all aspects including copy, photography and design.

Warning: large file size!

Thumbnail of Intelliplex ads

A series of three ads that led to the introduction of multiplex technology with a new ambulance control system. Introduction included product training for the sales field, a brochure and website pages.

Thumbnail of Horton Rescue literature

While Horton had built rescue vehicles for decades, in 2007 Horton developed an official line of rescue vehicles. The roll out included advertising, brochures, web pages, photography and news releases.

Warning: large file size!

Thumbnail of Horton Rescue Lineart

Both ambulance and rescue models had line art sheets to allow customers and salesmen to pick out dimensions while deciding how to modify that vehicle.

Print Design

These are some of the miscellaneous design projects I have been involved with from product design to trade show booth design.

Thumbnail of Horton Challenge Coin

This is a challenge coin developed as a give-away at trade shows and during customer meetings.

Gold-color collectible challen coin x
Thumbnail of Intelliplex Control Panel

Introduction of Horton's multiplex electrical system was a major industry change. The user panels were developed with the vendor featuring printing on both sides with slide-in labels to provide both matte and glossy finishes.

The bottom image is from the original drawing of the patient area panel sent to the panel manufacturer as an autocad file.

The final Intelliplex control panel (top) and the patient area prototype drawing x
Thumbnail of Horton Delivery Bay

While redesigning the Horton plant, a delivery bay was created. The banners on the left highlight Horton features, while the logos on the right show the Horton dealer logos.

The delivery bay at Horton with banners on the left and dealer logos on the right x
Thumbnail of Horton FDIC display booth

Design at Horton included banners, trade show layout and display pieces for those trade shows.

Horton's booth at FDIC 2012 x

Product Design

Logos and a variety of drawings created in Illustrator.

Thumbnail of Austin-Martin DB7

An illustration for a James-Bond-themed fund raising auction.

James Bond's Austin-Martin x
Thumbnail of HOPS logo

Represents Horton's Occupant Protection System. This combination of airbags, cushions and seatbelts protects workers during a rollover.

Horton Occupant Protection System logo x
Thumbnail of a rocketship

Part of series of teaser emails sent prior to a sales meeting.

A whimsical rocket drawing x
Thumbnail of a Charlotte's Web poster

A poster for the Lancaster Arts and Civic Club's production of Charlotte's Web.

An illustration of an octopus for a possible children's book or web page about the creatures done in HTML Canvas.

Thumbnail of Intelliplex logo

The color ribbon represents the ambulance wire harness and multiple signals traveling through one wire.

Horton Intelliplex logo x